Due to certain rental car company's policies and restrictions, we are no longer able to deliver and
leave your rental equipment
before you arrive at some rental car company locations at Denver
International Airport (DIA).

These rental car companies will also
not allow you to drop off your equipment if The Happy Kid
Traveling Company (HKT) is unable to meet you at our designated pick up time.

We know you have no control over the actual arrival time of your flight, adverse weather, traffic,
etc.  We also know that many things can happen, especially while traveling with children, that can
delay your arrival at your rental car company location at DIA.

So what does this mean?  It means that the most important components in this dilemma, YOU &
YOUR FAMILY, are impacted because some rental car companies refuse to hold the items you wish to
rent from HKT in a designated area despite the fact that HKT clearly tags our items with our
customer and business information as we try to make it as easy as possible for you to receive and
return your children's equipment.

It also means that HKT is now limited in how we can service our customers at DIA.  In some cases,
HKT may / will not be able to assist some customers traveling to DIA who are renting from certain
rental car companies due to your scheduled arrival / departure time and HKT's scheduled
commitments with other customers.

HKT is very sorry to hear of these changes in some rental car company's policies and their refusal to
put the customer first - which, in the customer service business, is where they belong.  HKT also  
wants to sincerely apologize for any future inability to help out the families traveling to DIA and
renting a vehicle in which we simply can not meet you within a time frame you have no control over.
Most especially, HKT wants to apologize for the inconvenience to YOU.

HKT has personally contacting each and every rental car company at DIA to obtain an up to date
status on their policy and whether or not a particular rental car company will accept and hold your
items.  That list of rental car companies who will and will not hold your items is below. Last updated
June 6, 2014.
Enterprise @ Holiday Inn, Tower Road
(We DO NOT deliver or pick up at Fox)
Will hold your items
Will NOT hold your items