Want to make a difference?  Put your unused, non-refrigerated food items and children items to
good use and help the needy.

Let us know, prior to your delivery, to include an empty container with your rental items.  You
can also indicate your intention to donate on Page #2 of our rental agreement.
Just place your unused, non-refrigerated food items or household / children items in that
container before you depart.
That's it!

We will take your generous donation with us when we pick up your rental items and personally
deliver the items to
Broomfield FISH (Fellowship In Serving Humanity)
and / or
A Precious Child.
Click the FISH to learn more
Broomfield FISH
Tracie S
Adam Z
Jack P
Eleanor M
Deanna D
Jonathan and Janice G
Karen L
James H
Jonathan T
Nicole O
Janet T
Nina B
Michele M
Courtney C
Tracy L

Jennifer B
To date, HKT has donated
268 lbs
of food and household & children items
on behalf of our customers!
Click the little feet to learn more
a precious child in Broomfield.