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We just think they are neat.

QBee Children's Books
Written by John Trivelli and illustrated by Anthony Snyder                     

Eric Dorris is an artist making an impact in the
sports art world. He spends many hours capturing the realism of athletes and other images with his pencil.
Custom portraits are available as well.

Need executive transportation?   
Check out our friends in Longmont, CO at
Eight Black Cars

Are you traveling outside of Colorado or the United States?  Check out our national and international friends!

Here is a great book all about traveling with little ones.  Lots of good info.
JetSetBabies ships everything from diapers to food and formula and many
other baby and toddler consumables to your travel destination.
Relax - they will have it waiting for you when you get there!
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Check out the car seat laws for your state and Colorado.
Bill and grandson, Mason, enjoying one
of our many children's books.
(Photo courtesy of JKD Photography)
(Photo courtesy of JKD Photography)
Barcelona, Spain
Napoli, Italy