Just email or call us to rent whatever you need.  We respectfully request you place
your order with a minimum 48 hours notice.

We will then email you our rental agreement for your trip information & signature.  
Equipment is not reserved until the rental agreement is received.  (Didn't get our
e-mail response? Please make sure you check your SPAM folder for our e-mail
response if this is our first time e-mailing each other)

We will then email you your 2 hour delivery window if we already did not discuss. We
deliver between 9am-5pm Monday-Friday, 7am-6pm Saturday & Sunday. For late
night or early morning deliveries there will be an additional $10 charge.

The undersigned renter agrees that the rented item(s) will at all times remain the property of the rental agent, The
Happy Kid Traveling Company, now known as HKT in the remainder of this document.  Renter will return all
rented items in as good a condition as when renter received the items. Renter will be charged the full,
replacement cost of any items returned with missing parts or broken pieces/parts. There will be a minimum $20
additional charge for any/each rental item(s) returned in exceptionally dirty condition or requiring special handling
and sterilization. If the item(s) are returned damaged, the renter will be obligated to pay the accumulated rental
fee plus the full cost of repair.  If the item(s) are in irreparable condition or lost, the renter shall be obligated to
purchase the new item(s) at the full, retail price.  The exact length of time items are to be rented is stated above.
The term of the rental agreement may be changed only by a phone call to HKT and verbal permission by HKT
prior to the original, specified return date in this document.  Delivery hours are 9am – 5pm (Monday through
Friday) and 7am – 6pm (Saturday and Sunday). Deliveries and/or pick ups outside of business hours or on the
following U.S. holidays/dates will incur an additional $10 charge in the published delivery fee. (New Years Day,
Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day)  HKT
reserves the right to reschedule or delay delivery or pick up of any items due to adverse weather and/or driving
conditions or closed roads.  Renter must cancel their order within 48 hours of the scheduled delivery date. If
canceled before 48 hours renter will be refunded 100% of any monies paid minus a $10 processing fee. If renter
cancels with less than 48 hours notice all monies will be refunded minus a 25% termination fee. Orders cancelled
after HKT has sent renter an invoice will result in a $10 processing fee. If the renter fails to return the rented
items at the agreed upon time, HKT reserves the right to charge renter’s credit card recorded on file the
accumulated rental fee plus replacement cost at the full, retail price.  Any return trips which are not the fault of
HKT will result in an additional, full delivery charge. There will be no reimbursement for unused time on the
rental contract.  Renter must specify the time for rental item(s) pick up. A 15 minute grace period will be
awarded. If renter and/or equipment is not at the specified location at the designated time and after the 15 minute
grace period has expired, a $10 per every 15 minutes fee will be charged to the renter.  Porch to Porch rentals
excluded. Cribs are assembled on site and are not to be moved without verbal or written permission from HKT.
Moving may cause damage and will result in additional charges.  Cribs can only be assembled and disassembled
by HKT.  A record of the assembled, crib(s) location(s) is/are recorded by HKT.  Any crib not in the room(s)
where crib(s) is/are assembled by HKT without verbal or written permission from HKT will result in a $20 per
crib move fee charged to the renter. A $50 restoration fee will be charged to renter for any teething damage
caused to crib(s). Customer is responsible for providing their own teething pads.  Any/all safety gates provided
by HKT are NOT for use at the top of a staircase. HKT cannot and will not install car seats.  Car seats are not to
be left for pick up in a private or rented vehicle without explicit permission from HKT. If HKT is unable to find
or locate any rented items, renter is responsible for the replacement of those items at the full, retail price.  Items
requiring batteries are checked before each rental period and are in working order.  If renter must purchase
batteries during rental period, renter must save and return original batteries to HKT and present HKT with the
receipt for the new batteries purchased by renter in order to receive any reimbursement for the purchased
batteries.  Renter will be charged the cost for new batteries for any item returned with missing batteries.  Renter
is responsible for immediately notifying HKT of any issues that they are having with any rented equipment. The
rented items may come with special instructions. The renter is responsible for reading and following the
instructions as printed. Renter is liable for any misuse of equipment and in the event of a mishap, agrees to
accept full responsibility and shall not hold HKT liable for any claims or actions arising there from.  In no event
will HKT be held liable for any damages, loss or injury (including death) caused by or arising out of the use of
any equipment provided by HKT or the failure of the equipment to function as intended.
Here is the legal
mumbo jumbo  
Below is the terms and conditions of the rental agreement.
We will email it to you when you place your order.
The Happy Kid Traveling Company LLC
items will be out on the porch of our
home office in Broomfield, CO by
7am. Pick them up anytime on the
day you need them and then drop
them back off on the porch anytime
on the day you are leaving CO. It's
that easy!
(Cribs not included)
We accept, cash, personal
checks, Visa and

Credit card required at
time of reservation to
reserve order.
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