The Happy Kid Traveling Company LLC

CUSTOMER QUESTION: How far in advance from the date of our trip should I send back the rental agreement?
OUR ANSWER: We recommend you send back the rental agreement as soon as possible.  Your equipment is not reserved until we
receive the rental agreement.  You will not be charged until 72 hours prior to the scheduled delivery and we can always modify
the items list before we drop everything off.  It also helps us plan deliveries and pick ups with other customers.  It is never too
early and it's just one less thing to have to worry about.

CUSTOMER QUESTION: Should I rent a full size crib or a pack 'n' play?
OUR ANSWER:  Some kids do great sleeping in a pack 'n' play, others don't.  The choice is yours and we won't try to rent you
higher priced items (a crib instead of a pack 'n' play, for example) if you don't want or need them.  We will tell you this,
however, it's called a pack 'n' play, not a pack 'n' sleep.  The crib mattress is unquestionably more comfortable than the pad
that comes with the pack 'n' play.  But the bottom line is that you know your child(ren) and the choice is up to you.

CUSTOMER QUESTION: Can you just drop off the crib and we put it together if we do not know where we want it?
OUR ANSWER: We have to assemble the cribs. We will place the crib in the safest area in the master bedroom.  If you know
sorta know where you want it, like in the master, or not in the master, just let us know. Do not be afraid to tell us to put it
in the walk in closet, we do that alot! :-)

CUSTOMER QUESTION: Are your items clean? How do you clean everything?
OUR ANSWER: Every item is hand cleaned after every rental using antibacterial cleaner and wipes and we reinspect and wipe
down your order the night before delivery.  Car seats are vacuumed and sprayed with antibacterial spray and all toys are
individually scrubbed and sanitized.  All bedding is washed between every rental with hypo allergenic laundry soap.  We are
parents, too, and we know clean equipment is not only important - it's a necessity.

CUSTOMER QUESTION: Why didn't I receive the reply to my e-mail inquiry?
OUR ANSWER: Check your SPAM and / or JUNK folder.  Some e-mail packages automatically flag incoming e-mails from a new
e-mail address (especially when the e-mail contains an attachment such as our rental agreement) into your SPAM or JUNK
folder.  We find that this is the most common occurrence.

CUSTOMER QUESTION: Do we need to be checked in before you are able to deliver our items to our rental unit?
OUR ANSWER: You do not need to be there when we deliver. Actually we try our best to have all of your items set up and
waiting for you when you arrive.  We will ask you for the information on the owner/mgmt company so we can contact them to
get access to the unit.  We ask that you let them know that we are coming as well so it is not a surprise when we call.

CUSTOMER QUESTION: Why do you request a minimum 48 hour notice for me to place my order?
OUR ANSWER: My wife and I run our home based business in Denver, CO and it does take time to organize your order and
coordinate multiple deliveries and pick ups with you and our other, scheduled customers.  It is not unusual for us to drive
between 300 - 500 miles a day.  We do our best to accommodate last minute requests but there are simply times when we do
not have the equipment available or run out of hours in the day.

CUSTOMER QUESTION: Do your car seats have the LATCH system and can you install them for us?
OUR ANSWER: Yes our car seats do have the LATCH system.  We carry Graco Comfort Sport Convertible car seats.  We  are
not able to install them for you but you can download detailed instructions online and there are basic instructions on the side of
each car seat we deliver.
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